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Sho: [Recently I thought of having a drink with Aiba-chan so I went to his house. But he wasn’t there, so just as I was thinking what to do, I heard a sound of “pi – “ “pi –“ What is it? What is it? Ah! So it’s the dryer!I don’t know what I was thinking at that time but I just unintentionally took out Aiba-chan’s laundry from the dryer. (lol) After several hours Aiba-chan came home. He was drunk thanking me about the dryer.] 

So the question is, how did he enter Aiba’s house if Aiba wasn’t there? Does he own a duplicate key? O.o 

I’ve come to read several blogs about this through a a post on twitter. Don’t know exactly which concert MC it was. But who cares. haha. I love Sakuraiba.   

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