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[subbed] Arashi’s Friendship Test 

When Aiba, who had to work for the whole day, decided to test the strength of Arashi’s infamous friendship through an e-mail. See who replied and who didn’t. And yes, this is how Arashi actually are in private.

According to the audiences who attended the filming when the VTR was shown, the contents of the mails were longer.

  • Arashi usually use the “reply all” function when they’re mailing each other, so when Aiba mailed them this, Nino and Jun only realized the mail when Sho replied. 
  • Sho was cleaning his house when Aiba mailed him, and he got worried because it’s when the show was still running, so he later sent another mail to ask if anything bad happened.
  • Ohno actually replied with a photo of him and a TV in front of him airing Aiba’s show to prove that he’s watching. He did that during the break of Kagiheya filming.
  • Sho wanted to take a photo of Aiba on TV too, but he didn’t know how because Aiba kept moving and there’s always someone next to him lol
  • After the show had finished that night, Aiba sent them another mail saying “IT’S DONE!!”, but Sho, who was out drinking with his friends got into his tsundere mode and replied “WHO CARES!”
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